Landscaping & Swimming Pool Design Services

Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation.  This is an opportunity to discuss your ideas, ask questions, determine when you’d like to have the project completed, establish a rough budget, and whatever else comes to mind.  At this meeting it would be helpful to review any plans you may have of the property. (i.e. surveys, plot plans, design plans).  If you don’t have any plans, no problem, we can discuss alternatives on how to gather the information needed to create an existing conditions base plan to get the design process started.  At the conclusion of the initial consultation we should have enough information to provide you an estimate.

Our Process


All pertinent information to get the design process started is gathered during this phase of the project. A Base Plan is created from surveys, existing architectural drawing, field measurement etc. A Site Analysis is done to identify solar exposure, circulation patterns, utilities, features on the site, like buildings, trees and features are recognized for their overall relevance to the future design and improvements. Photos are taken for reference, and anything else that is relevant.

Master Plan:

The Master Plan is a schematic drawing that incorporates the program into design format. The Master Plan is an extremely useful design tool for several reasons.

  • It allows a client to see the overall relationship between interior and exterior environments.
  • As a schematic drawing, it can be modified to accommodate additional program elements or changes.
  • It gives the client the ability to phase construction over a period of time.

Construction Drawings:

The final drawings in the design process are construction drawings. These drawings are important for several reasons. They are comprehensive plans that show exactly how to build from the design and they clearly show the project and materials.

This allows the client to get multiple estimates from contractors interpreting the same information. These drawings commonly include a layout plan showing dimensions, a grading plan showing manipulation of topography and elevations of site elements, a planting plan showing types, sizes and quantities of plants, and an irrigation plan. Details, notes and specifications are also included depending on the complexity of both the design and site elements.

Si Edman’s vision to turn our back pasture into a backyard oasis was excelled only by the end result. We would highly recommend Si and Earth Design Group to anyone.

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